OpenAI, Guarantor ready to unlock GPT Chat: here are the conditions

After the suspension of the Privacy Guarantor who effectively blocked the use of Chat GPT in Italy, the same guarantor declared that with some improvements and the certainty of greater security regarding sensitive user data, artificial intelligence, were to meet these parameters by April 30, it will again be accessible from our country. OpenAI in these two weeks will therefore have to satisfy the requirements imposed by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data regarding information, the rights of interested parties, users and non-users, the legal basis of the processing of personal data for the training of algorithms with user data.

OpenAI’s move

Meanwhile, the organization that created the chatbot has launched Bug Bounty, a program that offers a reward of up to 20,000 dollars for anyone who unearths bugs and vulnerabilities, a further response that OpenAI reserves for those who accuse it of undermining privacy (and more) of its users. In fact, concerns around Chat GPT and similar chatbots are increasing, if it is true that US President Joe Biden has also begun to evaluate the need to control artificial intelligence tools. Meanwhile, the US Department of Commerce has presented a formal request for new measures defined as liability, such as the possibility that new artificial intelligence models undergo a certification process before release.