OpenAI revolutionizes the world of Chatbots with GPT-4 Turbo and customizable GPT

The era of Artificial Intelligence tailored for everyone begins

In an increasingly AI-driven world, OpenAI marks a new chapter in chatbot development with the launch of ChatGPT-4 Turbo during the DevDay 2023 developer conference. The platform, which has already captured global attention with the its versatility and ability to learn, now opens the doors to personal innovation by allowing users to create their own AI chatbots, customizable GPTs, without any programming prerequisites. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, revealed how GPTs are customizable versions of ChatGPT, designed for specific purposes. The simplification of the process of creating a GPT is radical: you don’t need coding experience, you just need to talk to ChatGPT and describe the desired goal. This was effectively demonstrated during the keynote, where Altman programmed a new GPT, intended to provide practical advice to entrepreneurs, simply by uploading a lesson and requesting concise and constructive assistance.

Users will also have the ability to integrate external services, such as translation APIs, and will be able to choose whether to allow their data to be handled in this way. GPTs will be accessible to regular ChatGPT Plus users, for a $20 subscription, and corporate accounts, who will be able to create internal chatbots tailored to the company’s specific needs. Access to customizable GPTs will be available starting Wednesday for enterprise customers, with the promise of imminent testing availability for all users. Additionally, OpenAI is planning to launch a centralized app store later this month where “verified builders” will be able to post and share their GPTs. To ensure compliance with the company’s usage policies and strengthen trust and transparency, new technical measures and an identity verification system for developers have been announced. The most popular GPTs will rise in the rankings and their creators will be able to earn based on frequency of use.