Oppenheimer, Giovanni Muciaccia’s viral post: “I was in the film”

In recent weeks many social media users have identified a certain similarity between Josh Hartnett and the conductor from Foggia. Photomontages and memes taken from Oppenheimer Of Christopher Nolan they held court and entertained the audience. Now, John Muciaccia intervened directly on the issue.

giovanni muciaccia, the answer to memes

Oppenheimer is among the most discussed films of the moment, thanks also to the remote challenge with Barbie. The film with Cillian Murphy in the role of the physicist has received critical acclaim and currently has grossed over 850,000,000 dollars at the international box office.

The distribution of the film in Italy immediately struck the public who identified a resemblance between Josh Hartnett, interpreter of Ernest Lawrenceand Giovanni Muciaccia.

Social media users enjoyed publishing photomontages and memes featuring the Italian star and the American actor; now, Giovanni Muciaccia wanted to comment.

The host shared a photo of Josh Hartnett jokingly writing, “For anyone wondering what I was doing here Oppenheimer (PHOTO). I was there to make sure the bomb was made using only rounded scissors.”

The post entertained the public receiving over 40,000 likes and numerous comments. The host then ironically confirmed his presence in the film (PHOTO) citing Art Attack, the famous TV program which saw him create small artistic works using rigorously scissors with rounded tips.