Oppo begins the release of the new ColorOS 14

Artificial intelligence in ColorOS 14 plays a key role in increasing efficiency

Oppo has announced the release of the global version of ColorOS 14. Based on Android 14, this new operating system brings with it an optimized Aquamorphic design, intelligent functions based on artificial intelligence to improve efficiency, and advanced technologies to ensure smooth performance. Since its introduction in 2013, Oppo says, ColorOS has reached over 600 million monthly active users worldwide. ColorOS 14 aims to provide a smart and smooth user experience. Its Aquamorphic design, inspired by water, creates a harmonious interaction between the user and technology. Furthermore, new sound effects, color schemes and interactions have been added to make using the smartphone more intuitive. Oppo collaborated with audio industry experts to develop a series of themed ringtones and UI sounds.

ColorOS 14’s Aquamorphic coloring system intelligently adapts to the context of use, improving the visual experience and efficiency in understanding information. A new feature, Aqua Dynamics, facilitates interactions through a design that integrates common shapes like bubbles and panels. ColorOS 14 features the Go Green Always-On Display. This feature raises awareness of environmental impact and changes depending on the user’s daily steps, promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Artificial intelligence in ColorOS 14 plays a key role in increasing efficiency. Features like Smart Touch and Smart Image Matting allow users to manage content more easily, improving productivity. The fluidity and stability of the system are guaranteed by the updated Trinity Engine. This system optimizes ROM, RAM and CPU usage, balancing performance and power consumption, providing a better and more energy-efficient user experience. Finally, security and privacy have been rigorously integrated into ColorOS 14, in line with international standards. New features include Picture Keeper, which protects your personal photos and videos from unauthorized access by apps.