Oppo Find N2 Flip, new functions for the external screen

A widget for Spotify and new Speech-To-Text features are coming soon

Oppo has announced the launch of a software update for the foldable Find N2 Flip, aimed at improving the functionality of its interactive external display. The new Spotify Widget, jointly developed by Oppo and Spotify, exclusively for the Find N2 Flip, maximizes the usefulness of the external screen. Users can enjoy full playback control, Heart button and content recommendations without having to open the device. Peter Dohyung Lee, head of Oppo’s flagship product line, said: “This update underscores Oppo’s commitment to ensuring the best possible experience for those who own the Find N2 Flip, allowing for greater freedom of expression and creativity when using the industry-leading 3.26-inch external display.”

In addition, a new custom Speech-to-Text quick reply feature will be available, accessible through the interactive external screen when users receive a message and available for all apps that allow quick reply, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Messages by Google , Telegram. This is the first significant update specific to the Find N2 Flip since its international launch in February 2023, and will be distributed from mid-April. The Speech-to-Text feature will update automatically, while users can manually add the Spotify widget through the external screen widget settings available under “Pocket Player”.