Oppo to conquer Europe, not only with smartphones

The company’s Chief Marketing Officer explains the Chinese giant’s projects in our continent at the dawn of the launch of the new Reno8 series and the first tablet

Oppo, the telephony giant and not only in China, has become the third smartphone manufacturer in our continent in a few years. Its policy in Europe is very interesting, not only because it tries to take the best of the technology produced in China and bring it to us, but also because it has seen a reorganization of lines and outputs in recent months. After the launch of the Find X5 family, Oppo presented the new Reno8 and Reno8 Pro last week in Paris. “The Find line is designed for a higher price range, and will be the first to offer cutting-edge technological solutions, being suitable to those looking for the best in technology “, he explains Isabella Lazzini, Chief Marketing Officer of Oppo Italia. “It is also true that Reno8 Pro has taken what was a flagship of Find X5 Pro, the MariSilicon X image processor. The designs are completely different, but of course we will take the best of our flagships and seek over time. to make our cutting-edge technologies more accessible “. The importance of cameras in today’s smartphones is crucial: “People communicate with photos, which is why the quality of our phones is so important to us in this field. This is the most requested feature along with the battery, and these are the two workhorses that make smartphones sell. The inclusion of MariSilicon X in Reno8 Pro is a move that gives more harmony to Oppo’s product portfolio in Europe, both Eastern and Western, and avoiding dozens of products with different names according to the regions “, explains Lazzini.

On the occasion of the presentation of Reno8, Oppo also launched its first tablet in Europe, the Pad Air. “We are expanding the Oppo ecosystem, and the launch of Oppo Pad Air is the first step to make ourselves known not only for smartphones, headphones and wearables”, explains Oppo’s CMO. “This is also an important message for our business in Europe, which we intend to consolidate. In China, as you know, there are several Oppo devices that are not yet available from us, and this release marks the commitment to invest with new releases on our continent “. Indeed, Oppo’s portfolio in the motherland includes several technologies that have never reached us, such as the Find N folder. In this regard, Oppo confirms that there will be surprises in the future: “I can’t anticipate too much, but certainly foldable will be the protagonists of great news also in Europe, in the near future “, says Lazzini. The new operating system ColorOS 13 also promises significant innovations: “With ColorOS our goal is to truly improve the user experience. We are aware that we are far from perfection and we always try to raise the bar a little more”.

Over the past few weeks Oppo has suffered the stop to sales in Germany after a patent dispute with Nokia. If the CEO of the company had already confirmed that he was confident in a quick solution to the impasse, stating that this would in no way have slowed down the expansion and reorganization of Oppo in Europe, the Italian branch obviously reaffirms this intention, confirming that our continent is fundamental for the Chinese giant. In this regard, Lazzini explains: “We will soon start sales in Austria, so there is every intention of expanding our European market. This is a long restructuring of our European portfolio which, however, is not to be considered as an exception. negative, indeed. Our goal is to bring order to our offer throughout Europe, and our partnership with the Champions League is certainly the sign of a company that has every intention of investing. “