Oral-B updates its iO electric toothbrush with the iO Series 10

Oral-B does an encore and after two years presents the new intelligent electric toothbrush iO Series 10 with iOsense (here the review of the previous model) which is characterized by new brushing modes and a Wi-Fi charging base which in addition to being the home to the artificial intelligence that drives the device, it also indicates the brushing time inside a digital clock.

The innovative features

The beating heart of the toothbrush is the iOsense artificial intelligence feature, able to “guide” brushing in real time thanks to targeted advice to effectively carry out the process of cleaning teeth and gums. New this year is the new Wi-Fi charging base that integrates a timer and a clock that signals the optimal time to dedicate to brushing, together with LEDs that indicate where to brush. The base doubles as a magnetic charger, capable of fully recharging the toothbrush in about three hours. Oral-B iO10 connects with the Oral-B app through which it is possible to see in real time in a 3D reconstruction of the dental arch which areas are clean and those still to be cleaned (very useful, even if it is not very comfortable to look at the phone screen while brushing your teeth). Always very useful, however, the pressure sensor that helps while we are washing to understand if we are exerting the right pressure (it lights up red if we are “pressing” too much). Many cleaning modes: the daily one, the one for sensitive teeth, the whitening one, the one suitable for gum health and tongue cleaning and also two new modes, intense and super-sensitive.

The other features and accessories

On the toothbrush, in addition to two multifunction buttons, we find a small color display that allows you to set the brushing mode and that offers us, at the end of the session, an emoticon that at a glance is able to make us understand if brushing has been effective or if we could have done better. In the package we also find the practical Power2Go travel charging case. The possibility of choosing the color of the toothbrush LED to be able to distinguish it from the others is convenient. Oral-B iO10 with iOsense is available in two new colors: Cosmic Black and clear Stardust White. The list price is not low: it costs 500 euros.