Organic and bioplastics, major events and examples of the circular bioeconomy

This is the case of the partnership between Slow Food and Biorepack for Terra Madre-Salone del Gusto

Terra Madre – Salone del Gusto 2022 (in Turin until September 26) a virtuous example of circular bioeconomy, thanks to the partnership between Slow Food and Biorepack, the national consortium for the organic recycling of biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging.

In the Dora Park, Terra Madre visitors and delegates will find 35 ecological islands, distributed in particular in the areas most dedicated to catering (Food Truck Areas, Street Kitchens, Terra Madre Cuisine). The islands will be manned by the volunteers of Eco dalle Città, which this year has hired over 270 students from three Turin high schools (Istituto Lagrange, Liceo Cattaneo and Liceo Artistico Cottini) and 12 asylum seekers. The Biorepack technicians took care of the training of the sentries who on each island will explain to visitors how to collect the organic and compostable crockery.

“Biorepack, among its statutory tasks, has that of explaining to citizens and public administrations how important it is to treat organic waste and compostable bioplastic packaging correctly – comments Marco Versari, president of Biorepack – The wet fraction in fact represents the 40% of the total of all waste produced in Italy. Managing it well means guaranteeing the composting plants operating in our country an important raw material to be transformed into precious compost. The latter is then destined for agricultural land which can thus use it as a natural fertilizer, instead of chemicals. In this way, we return organic matter to the soils, improve agricultural yields and build a circular bioeconomy chain that is good for the country’s productive fabric. All this is not possible without making it clear to the citizens that the way in which they themselves collect the staff and the use they make of compostable bags and dishes depends on the possibility of activating this virtuous circle “.

To understand how important the collection of personnel is compared to the total waste, it is enough to consider that in the 35 ecological islands activated at the Salone del Gusto 2022, 2200 bioplastic bags will be used in which to dispose of compostable waste. For the undifferentiated, there will be 1600 bags. The bioplastic bags will then be managed by the Turin-based multiutility Iren, which will send them to its composting plant in Santhià. At the end of the event, Slow Food will report the quantity of Forsu intercepted and the share of bioplastic packaging contained therein. This will also allow us to calculate the amount of compost that can be made and distributed to farms. The bags, like plates, glasses and crockery made of compostable bioplastic, have a triple advantage: they can be delivered without problems in anaerobic digestion and composting plants.

During the days of the Salone del Gusto, at the Biorepack stand (station G34) it will be possible to find out all the information and answer all the curiosities about the world of recycling of bioplastic packaging and the organic fraction of materials.