Orietta Berti, the tragic episode that not everyone knew: she told it herself

Orietta Berti recounted a tragic episode that not everyone knew: this marked her life.

Orietta Berti is busy in the red chair at Big Brother Vip. Together with Sonia Bruganelli he is the columnist of the seventh edition. The reality show started a few weeks ago and the singer is slowly settling into her new role. A role that someone would have preferred her not to take on.

Orietta berti, episode (credits: youtube)

Cristiano Malgioglio told in an interview with SuperGuida Tv that he would have preferred not to see her there: “Orietta is a woman I love very much, she is a wonderful woman. She still has to understand the dynamics of the game “. For the columnist artist, he has yet to understand the mechanism of the program. The fact is that these are only the first episodes and Orietta will have time and a way to immerse herself well in what the reality show brings to the air. The singer made a confession that not everyone knew.

He revealed it during an episode of the GF Vip, when called by Alfonso Signorini, he recounted a tragic episode that strongly marked his life and career.

Orietta Berti, the tragic episode that not everyone knew: she told the GF Vip

In the previous episode of the GF Vip, what happened against Marco Bellavia was addressed. The public demanded exemplary action for the competitors to take and they did. Ginevra Lamborghini was disqualified. The young woman had said a very strong sentence against Bellavia: “He deserves to be bullied “.

Elettra’s sister after leaving the house was welcomed into the studio by the conductor. She entered on tiptoe, afraid of people’s judgment, closed in a shell. Signorini tried to calm her down and called Orietta Berti to his side. She asked the columnist to explain to the former competitor how to overcome a dark moment in life, which she has experienced in the past years. Orietta quoted the note that Luigi Tenco wrote before committing suicide: “I do this not because I’m tired of life (far from it) but as an act of protest against an audience that sends Me, you and the roses to the final and to a commission that selects The Revolution “.

orietta berti episode
Orietta Berti, short story (credits: mediaset play)

The singer-songwriter had mentioned Orietta in the note and after her death it was somehow difficult for her to continue, to assert herself in the eyes of those who could think of her fault in Tenco’s gesture. The singer over time, despite this fact had deeply marked her, has managed to establish herself in the world of Italian music. A tragic event that, even if it does not have much to do with what happened in the reality show, had to be an example for Geneva and understand how to go on overcoming a bad moment.