Orietta Berti, unpleasant episode: Giovanni Ciacci has to do with it, what will happen to Gf ​​Vip

Unpleasant episode for Orietta Berti, Giovanni Ciacci has to do with it: you will never imagine what happened, but what will happen to the GF VIP?

Just under a month to go to the start of the seventh edition of GF Vip, but sparks are already expected. Or, at least, that’s what it reveals Orietta Berti during a very recent interview with the weekly Gente. The beloved singer and next columnist of the famous Canale 5 reality show could not help but tell the very unpleasant episode of which she was a victim and for which she also has to do Giovanni Ciacci.

Orietta Berti episode. Credits: Mediaset Play

There are many clues that, on his official social channel, Alfonso Signorini shares about the next competitors of the GF Vip – and a while ago another one arrived – but at the moment only Giovanni Ciacci has been announced as an official ‘Vippone’. After an incredible career on TV, the beloved columnist and costume designer is about to return to the small screen as a competitor in the famous reality show. And his audience can’t wait to see him in action and find out about his story after the latest ‘shock’ statement. While waiting, however, we give you a small preview: we will certainly see some good ones between him and Orietta Berti.

“I have an unfinished business with Giovanni Ciacci”, Berti said to Gente bringing to light a very unpleasant episode of some time ago. Are you curious, however, to know what happened? You would never guess!

Orietta Berti and Giovanni Ciacci, the background that few know: what happened

It would seem that the long awaited moment from Orietta Berti to ‘settle’ the bill with Giovanni Ciacci, it will come thanks to the GF Vip. Respectively columnist and first official competitor, it would seem that they have known each other for some time and that, above all, the singer does not have a good memory of him at all. To reveal everything, it was the direct interested in the course of an interview with Gente! “I know Giovanni Ciacci well, unfortunately. I don’t have a good memory “, said the very nice Berti to the famous weekly. What exactly does it refer to, though? What happened between you and your beloved costume designer? If you want to understand exactly the reason for so much resentment towards Ciacci, you have to go back in time and go to 1999.

From what we read on The Pipol TV, it would seem that – in that year – Orietta Berti was one of the singers in competitions at the Sanremo Festival and that she had instructed Giovanni Ciacci, at the time costume designer for Rai, to personally deliver the clothes that the singer had chosen for the evenings. So far everything normal, we could say, but it wasn’t like that at all. Those clothes never reached their destination and the beautiful Berti literally had to make do. “He lost them on the train”, has explained.

In reality, according to The Pipol Tv, it was not at all like that. Giovanni Ciacci, in fact, seems not to have lost the costumes of Orietta Berti at all, but seems to have been robbed. “Ciacci and Don Lurio, victims of a theft and falling asleep with a spray, then robbed. This is the truth”, it is read.

berti ciacci
Giovanni Ciacci. Credits: Instagram

What do you say, will they be able to clarify?