Orlandi case, his brother Pietro: “Wojtyla allowed silence to fall”

“Convinced that John Paul II knew what had happened to Emanuela. In Parolin I mean in 40 years no one has torn their clothes”

“I always been convinced that Wojtyla knew what had happened to Emanuela
; when he came to see us 6 months after his disappearance he spoke to me about international terrorism, but he allowed silence to fall and silence to remain on this matter even after. Dad It took Francesco 11 years to reopen the case and I hope there is a will to clarify things”. Pietro Orlandi, Emanuela’s brother, said it on ‘Verissimo’ on channel 5.

“The investigation opened in the Vatican after 40 years is a positive thing and now it must take a few steps forward so that we can get to the truth – he added – but I have deleted the word forgiveness from the vocabulary. After all the things that have happened I cannot forget When I hear the statement from the Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin, who a few days ago said to clarify why there is a mother who is suffering, I would like to tell him that in these 40 years no one has torn their clothes for this suffering mother“.

“When I go to visit my mother she always asks me ‘did you find Emanuela then?’ You always wait for the good news, which will arrive sooner or later, I’m always optimistic”, added the brother of the Vatican citizen who disappeared in June 1983. As for the alleged dossier, Pietro Orlandi stated: “The Pope’s waiter, Paolo saw it Gabriele who was a friend of mine, and father Georg himself told my lawyer, he told her ‘the file is there but it’s in the secretariat of state’, so when she now says that he doesn’t have it, it’s true”.

Going back to the words spoken about John Paul II, he reiterated: “That thing that Wojtyla went out secretly in the evening was a phrase that everyone said how many. I have not offended anyone and for this I have never apologized. I quoted the words of an audio, not mine, in which weighty statements are made about Pope Wojtyla and the question of Emanuela. I thought it appropriate to have the promoter of justice listen to them so that they can hear this person,” Orlandi explained.