Orlandi case, new version of Agca: “Emanuela delivered to the nuns”

Wojtyla’s attacker: “The kidnappings of Emanuela and Mirella Gregori were decided by the Vatican government and carried out by men of the Vatican Secret Service very close to the Pope”

Emanuela Orlandi it was all a Vatican fact and it was taken over by a few nuns right from the start, understood the importance of his role and accepted it serenely”. It is the new version referred by Ali Agca in a long letter, reported by ‘Corriere della Sera’, sent to Pietro Orlandi, brother of the girl, a Vatican citizen, who disappeared on June 22, 1983. “I know about her above all thanks to a Spanish Father who visited me in Italy and also here in Istanbul – adds the man who shot Pope Wojtyla – A man, a religious, animated by an authentic faith, who knows the mysteries of the world and who does not lie”. Agca already met Pietro Orlandi in 2010 in Istanbul , a meeting ”which we only learned about some time later”, writes the ‘Corriere della Sera’.

In the first part of the letter, the Turk starts with the story of the 1981 attack, in which he was the protagonist. “(The attack) had no instigator – he writes -, no one asked me to kill the Pope and no one paid me to do it. In St. Peter’s Square I was alone and I fired two shots. What were my motivations at the time – he says – are clearly indicated in the letter I wrote in 1979 on the occasion of Pope Wojtyla’s visit to Turkey”. The reference is to a letter that Agca himself sent on November 27, 1979 to the newspaper Turk Milliyet “in which he himself essentially threatened that he would strike John Paul II if the Pontiff – described as ‘the leader of the crusaders’ – visited Turkey”. Agca therefore reiterates that “the ‘Bulgarian trail’ is a complete invention, (…) entirely built on a table by the Vatican secret services and by SISDE, the Italian civil secret service, with the blessing of Ronald Reagan’s CIA, the major ally of Pope Wojtyla”.

“The prize for my collaboration, which they offered me and which I demanded, was release in two years. I – Agca writes – could however only be released on condition that the president Sandro Pertini granted me the pardon and exactly for this reason Emanuela and Mirella were kidnapped”, he underlines. Pertini, however, underlines Agca, “was not manoeuvrable”. for which “the kidnappings of Emanuela and Gregori were ordered by the Vatican government and carried out by men of the Vatican Secret Service very close to the Pope. The public negotiation was obviously a drama well orchestrated by a few senior prelates working within the Vatican services” concludes Agca in the long letter.