Orlandi case, Pope Francis: “Offensive and unfounded allegations about Wojtyla”

Don Patriciello: “St. John Paul II is a giant, no speculations”

“Certainly interpreting the sentiments of the faithful from all over the world, I address a grateful thought to the memory of St. John Paul II, the subject of offensive and unfounded speculation in these days”. To say it is Pope francesco at the end of the Angelus in St. Peter’s Square, after the controversy of recent days over the words spoken by Pietro Orlandi, brother of Emanuela Orlandi, about Wojtyla. After the recitation of the Regina Coeli, reports Vatican News, “Pope Francis defended his predecessor Saint John Paul II, whose figure in recent days has been at the center of infamous accusations linked to the Orlandi case, made on the basis of anonymous ‘says’ , without witnesses or clues”.

“I wrote an open letter to the brother of dear, dearest Emanuela Orlandi saying, if you know something, speak, but no insinuations, no inferences. Saint John Paul II is a heritage of humanity, he is a giant, he is a saint of our Church, we we love it,” he said today don Patricielloparish priest of Caivano, commenting on the Pope’s words on Wojtyla in the program “In his image”.

“We are happy with this investigation. Let’s wait – is the exhortation of Don Patriciello – The Orlandi family is right to be saddened and also a little disappointed but now we are waiting for things to go without mud machines, because once the words have been launched weigh like boulders”, adds the parish priest saying he is “convinced that Peter did not want to offend anyone”. “The hope is that we can all seek the truth, which is a right and, for us, a duty, and we seek it together with them”.