Orlando: 1 million transport bonus exceeded, new requests starting today

From today it is possible to request the benefit again for oneself or for a dependent minor from the portal of the Ministry of Labor

One million vouchers in one month for the public transport bonus which entered into force on 1 September and recognized to students and workers with an income of less than 35,000 euros registered in 2021. This is an economic aid of 60 euros per month to mitigate the negative effects prices on the family economy. “An important result achieved with the aim of supporting families, students, workers and retirees in a time of crisis also caused by the rise in energy prices”, declares Labor Minister Andrea Orlando.

New requests are underway until December

Until December it will be possible to request the benefit for oneself or for a dependent minor. From today, therefore, it is possible to apply for the monthly bonus of 60 euros both by those who have already used one in September, and by those who have not yet requested it. At the national level – the Ministry of Labor reports, about 1,115 public transport companies on road and rail are involved and have activated monthly, multi-monthly and annual passes.