Orlando (Sorgenia): “Violence is not just physical, there are many silent and dangerous forms”

At the beginning of Sorgenia’s project ‘Semper 25 Novembre’ “we focused on physical violence but then we realized that violence has many faces and forms that are more silent and therefore even more dangerous”. Thus Angelica Orlando, vice president of Sorgenia, on the occasion of the presentation of the e-book “Stories of reborn women. Ten stories that speak of redemption” created by Sorgenia as part of the “Semper 25 Novembre” initiative.

“Recent data give us a disconcerting picture – continues Orlando – over 30% of women between 16 and 70 years old say they have suffered at least one form of violence in their life; on the web over 50% of hater speeches are directed towards and women; the femicides that this year have reached and exceeded the number of 100 victims. With this edition of ‘Semper 25 Novembre’ we wanted to explore the various forms of violence to give voice to all the violence that contributes to making this history a sad story that often hides and is silent “.

In this edition of the project ‘Semper 25 Novembre’, Orlando continues, “the watchword is to explore, because violence is also hidden in words. Among the ten stories of women we wanted to tell, only one talks about physical violence: violence is those who have to leave work because they are pregnant, it is exclusion from sports, violence is the insults for diversity. We have given space to 10 stories, like that of Laura who at work is told ‘you are good for being a woman’ ; that of Elena who at work feels called ‘Miss’ when other professional titles are reserved; the story of Alice, who in the lockdown was tempted to send her intimate photos but realized the danger in time “.

“Then we gave space to migrant and refugee women, for them words can represent an important bridge for rebirth. In short, an e-book that represents a Pandora’s box” and a project, ‘Semper 25 Novembre’, which will continue. “We are only at the beginning”, assures Orlando.