Orme-Festival of the paths 2023, folklore takes center stage: among the guests Enrico Ruggeri

From 8 to 10 September

The sixth edition of ‘Footsteps – Festival of trails’the first event that takes place entirely on the paths and in the woods of Fai della Paganella, filling the area at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites with events, shows, meetings, music and flavours.

To act as a common thread among the appointments of the three days, which this year it will take place from 8 to 10 September, will be the ‘search for stories’, carried out by ‘scrutinizing the leaves of the wood and the narrow streets of a town’. Particular attention will be paid to the culture and folklore of the Dolomites and to respect for the environment, to promote small daily practices and habits that can help the planet.

The 2023 calendar boasts over 20 appointmentsbetween adventurous experiences, trekking, experiential tastings, workshops, DJ sets, round tables and concerts, such as the one which, on 9 September, Enrico Ruggeri will perform in Fai della Paganella. Most events will be free.

“Environmentalist John Muir said ‘in every walk in nature, man receives much more than he seeks’. ORME was born from this idea: an event that aims to help rediscover the territory, culture and local traditions by moving away from the frenzy and walking at a slow pace, in close contact with nature”, explains Luca D’Angelo, director of the Dolomiti Paganella Tourist Board. “For the 2023 edition, the festival maintains a now consolidated format, but there will be no shortage of novelties and goodies for young and old, all dedicated to folklore, to the stories handed down in front of the fire that have come down to us thanks to art, to literature and the reinterpretation of great artists. It will be an opportunity to raise our awareness of respect for nature and man, in the wonder of biodiversity, in the care of the territory and in the power of the authenticity of places and traditions”.

Stories and experiences for the explorers of tomorrow: events for the little ones

The sixth edition of ORME will open on Friday 8 September with “On the trail of a Giant – A story that comes from afar”: a fun excursion which, enriched by the stories of the artist Gigi Weber, will allow you to discover the stories of the forest, of the and its inhabitants, such as the Giant of Najon. The second appointment for children is “The path of fairy tales”, an immersive trek in the famous tale of Snow White.

For the little ones, on Saturday 9 September, the stories continue with “The stories of Moira” at Malga Fai, reached after the ascent with the lifts and a beautiful walk. Once at your destination, in the company of Moira Donati and her donkeys, it will be possible to discover many curiosities about these fascinating animals and taste the prized donkey milk. Saturday afternoon is instead the turn of “The path of the circus”, with the Geracircus company, which will stage a show in which local art and culture, contemporary circus, theater and music mix.

“Little explorer – An adventurous experience” is scheduled for both 9 and 10 September together with survival expert Thomas Conci, who will reveal survival and orientation techniques to the little ones, the indispensable tools to carry with them, the tricks and tricks to solve various “forest” problems.

Sunday 10 September is then the turn of “The forest of legends”, a workshop that will allow children to create masks inspired by stories from Trentino. Also dedicated to local folklore is “Le Anguane: sentinels of the waters”, a show between music, dance and theater that tells of fairy women, nymphs and magical beings.

Music and songs: Orme’s musical appointments

To conclude the first day of Orme, on 8 September, will be the Silent disco: music experience which, with plays of colours, wireless headphones and Wild cocktail party, will make people dance to the rhythm of the great hits, from the 90s to today. On Saturday 9 September, the protagonist will instead be live music: first with the show “Beatles Solo Piano tra gli Alberi”, a piano concert that will see the pianist Fabrizio Grecchi perform at the Arena delle Stelle, then with the free concert by Enrico Ruggeri at the Paganella Fun Park.

Trekking and experiential paths: for nature lovers

Orme’s agenda also includes “The Wood of Secrets – Research and observation of life in all its forms”, an experiential walk together with the expert naturalist Dr. Alessandro Marsilli and suitable for all ages which will lead to the research and observation of secret life of the forest.

Sunday 10 September is the turn of “Sentiero all’alba”, a spiritual walk at sunrise that will start from the “Tre Tre” hiking trail to arrive at the Baita dei Brenzi del Meriz. On the same day, fans of wild herbs will be able to participate in “Concoctions, remedies and potions”, the event, in the company of the expert in the dissemination of synergies Stefano Delugan and the naturopath and holistic operator Deborah Caset, who will accompany itinerant through the woods and in the Rhaetian archaeological area, between mysticism and nature.

Spirituality and well-being: the events at the Parco del Respiro

The theme of well-being will be inaugurated on Friday 8 September by the “I am the forest” itinerary: an immersion in the Parco del Respiro which, in the company of Maria Spagnolli, will be dedicated to spirituality and sensoriality. In the afternoon, two meetings dedicated to the synergy between tourism, wellness and health and to the Fai della Paganella beech forest, starting with the appointment with Dr. Marco Nieri and the event “The beneficial power of trees”. This will be followed by a moment of in-depth analysis to talk about the Park, which has received certification for its suitability for forest welfare as an “ideal place to practice Forest Bathing in Italy”. In fact, the Sala Teatro Palazzetto di Fai will host a rich round table which, together with the anthropologist Annibale Salsa, the Secretary General of PEFC ITALIA Antonio Brunori, the head of Pneumology of the Trento Hospital Fabio Giuseppe Vassallo and the researcher and instructor of Forest Bathing Camilla Costa, will help to understand the impact of Nature on human health.

The meetings at the Parco del Respiro continue on Saturday 9 September. In the morning, the appointment is with “Sentiero del Respiro – Conscious breathing”, a silent walk, in the company of experts Claudio Boniatti and Irene Bottura, made by listening only to the heart and breath and which will be dedicated to conscious breathing practices.

On Sunday 10 September, the dance theater expert Cristina Borsato will instead help to draw attention to one’s way of understanding the body and to explore some qualities of energy in movement with the event “The dancing fairies – Creative movement in the Breath Park” .

Culture and food and wine: events for gourmets

On Saturday 9 September, food lovers can take part in “The vegetable garden of local knowledge – Sauerkraut workshop”, an event which, together with Stefano Delugan, will allow them to get closer to the peasant gastronomic tradition. The second appointment of the day is with the trekking “Path of flavours”. The event will be conducted by the “I Teatri Soffiati” company and will end with an open-air lunch to taste the tuber in some of its many forms. In the afternoon, the workshops and events dedicated to cooking continue, starting with “The vegetable garden of local knowledge”, an experiential tasting to discover the flavors of the vegetable garden “blindly”. GustaOrme will follow, a moment of entertainment where it will be possible to discover local products, delicacies and crafts.

Sunday 10 September, ORME will end with the special events “Lunch with the cows” and the “Desmontegada”, the parade of cows that, dressed up, return from the pasture.

ORME – Festival of the paths is an event organized by the Fai Vacanze Consortium in collaboration with Brain Drain Comunicazione and supported by Apt Dolomiti Paganella, Consortium of Municipalities BIM Adige – Trento, Parco del Respiro, Cassa Rurale Adamello Giudicarie Valsabbia Paganella and the Family District in Trentino.

The complete ORME program is available on the website www.festivalorme.it