Ornella Muti does not hide her disappointment: no one expected this reaction

Ornella Muti confesses to Corriere and also replies on a topic that has been talked about a long time ago: her reaction surprised everyone.

Icon of an unforgettable era of Italian cinema, Ornella Muti she always remains one of the most beautiful and fascinating women in the show. And years have passed since she started her career! She was only 14, but from then on it was a succession of successes.

Ornella Muti shows disappointment (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

As an actress she has worked for the most important directors (including Carlo Verdone, Dino Risi, Ettore Scola and even Woody Allen) and with the most famous colleagues acting in roles that have remained in history. She was born with the name of Francesca Romana Rivellion March 9, 1955, he collected an infinite number of awards including two Nastri d’Argento and three David di Donatello nominations.

His hometown is Rome, but his origins are half Neapolitan on his father’s side and half Estonian on his mother’s side. Today at 67 years oldits charm has remained intact and has shown it on the occasion of the last one Sanremo Festival to which Amadeus wanted her as co-host of the prime time.

Some of his films are particularly rooted in the memory of the public and among these there are certainly The Tamed Shrew and Madly in love in which he acted alongside another artist who is a symbol of our show, the great one Adriano Celentano. The latter left everyone speechless, revealing only after years an unpublished detail of their relationship. Already then Muti’s answer on the Everyday occurrence he hinted at some disappointment at his colleague’s admission, but you know what he said this time to Courier?

Ornella Muti, the reaction that displaces everyone: Adriano Celentano has to do with it

When they had the opportunity to share the set, both Celentano and Ornella were young and both romantically engaged. The singer was already married to Claudia Mori while she was with her second husband Federico Fachinetti. There was no lack of gossip about their hypothetical flirtation, but neither of them ever confirmed anything.

After many years, the well-known actor and singer admitted that indeed there would be a different interest between them. Apparently, the thing was not taken very well by Muti: “After years of respectful silence …”, he said in an interview with the Everyday occurrence.

“It was he who once made statements about it with his wife present, a mistake on his part,” he now bluntly told the Courier. For her, that of her colleague would have been a lack of respect: “This is the male universe: I, at the time, had respect for his family”.

Ornella Muti reaction
Ornella Muti surprises everyone (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

In short, the beautiful actress did not like the gesture of the ‘Spring’: do you agree with her?