Ornella Muti, great joy for her: she posted this photo on social media

Ornella Muti, great joy for her: the actress posted this wonderful photo on social media.

Ornella Muti surprised everyone by posting a beautiful and unexpected photo on social media. It is a shot that represents a new joy that has arrived in the family, ready to fill her heart. The actress, whose real name is Francesca Romana Rivelli, boasts a rich career behind her and is one of the best-known actresses in the Italian film world.

She was very young when she made her debut, she was just 14 when she was chosen by Damiano Damiani as the protagonist of his film The most beautiful wife. However, since there was already an actress with her own name, Luisa Rivelli, Damiani forced her to use what will become her stage name forever, and it is with this pseudonym that today everyone knows it.

Ornella Muti, great joy for her: post this beautiful photo on social media (Credits. Youtube)

Like almost all the characters in the entertainment world, Ornella also has an instagram profile and is very popular, there are over 300 thousand who follow her. On her channel she publishes many shots, there are several photos of the return to the past in which we can see the same actress in a scene from a film from years ago or in an old shooting or even with her family. In the last few hours, the actress has posted a great shot showing us what just happened.

Ornella Muti, great joy for the actress: she posted a wonderful photo on social media

Ornella Muti has an instagram profile that has over 300,000 followers. Right here he always shares new and original shots and interacts with his followers. In the last few hours she has posted a wonderful photo: this is a great new joy for the actress.

Muti became a grandmother for the fourth time! His son Andrea Facchinetti and his wife Carol became parents. In the shot he shows only the child’s hand and his neighbor while looking at him with a dazzling smile: “Here is the fourth grandson: Edoardo. You can only see his little hand wrapped around his grandmother’s finger. Babies are sacred and must be protected by social media “, wrote below.

ornella muti grandmother
Credits: instagram

The actress is now a grandmother for the fourth time, the first time she became one was 26 years ago when her daughter Naike Rivelli became Akash’s mother. Then it was the turn of her second daughter, Carolina Facchinetti who had two children, Alessandro and Giulia and now little Edoardo has arrived.