Ornella Vanoni declares herself in Marracash: “If I had been younger…”

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“I like you, I like you. I already told you. If I had been thirty years younger… I would have slammed you against the wall”: these are the sentences pronounced by Ornella Vanonito dinner with Marrakech in a Milanese restaurant.

The video, posted by the rapper in his Instagram Story, was rebutted by the main newspapers and shared by fans on Instagram and Twitter, with amused comments and appreciation for the ever-present ironic vein of the 88-year-old singer.

The “weak” by Ornella Vanoni for Marracash

“But we wouldn’t have gotten along because I’m sad too. I’m always sad too, a disaster” continued Ornella Vanoni. The reference is to the statements of the rapper who, in 2021, explained that he suffered from bipolar disorder and being subject to long periods of depression.

In truth, the singer has never hidden her “weakness” towards Marracash. The two have known each other for some time, and are very good friends. During an interview with Radio Deejay, last year, Vanoni said he had “lost my head” to him the moment he saw it. “I saw him in a club and I completely lost my mind, then we became great friends. The same thing had also happened to me with Paolo Fresu” these are his words, spoken to an amused Michele “Wad” Caporosso (host of Say Waad). During that unprecedented four-way interview, Marracash and Ornella Vanoni talked at length about love.

Marracash said he had many conversations with Ornella, talking about everything but above all about feelings. “Do you believe in love?” he asked her. And she replied: “For me, eternal love is unconsummated love. I believe it, but I’m a difficult woman. The longest love lasted three years, I’m bored. In my life I have loved only one man infinitely”.

The loves of Ornella Vanoni

Appreciations (ironic) aside, Ornella Vanoni lived her feelings to the fullest. She has staunchly defended the privacy of her only one son, Christian Ardenzibut she never backed down when asked to talk about love.

He has often told of his first infatuation, that for George Strehleresteem and affection for Gino Paoli (PHOTO). She spoke about marriage with Lucio Ardenzibut also from singleness. Today his love is for his son, but also for his grandchildren.