Orsini against Sallusti, quarrel with It’s always Cartabianca: “I’m leaving”

Clash between the professor and the journalist, Bianca Berlinguer struggles to keep the guests at bay

Quarrel between Alessandro Sallusti and Alessandro Orsini on E’ semper Cartabianca, the program that Bianca Berlinguer hosts on Rete4. The temperature rises when it comes to the war between Israel and Hamas. Orsini, professor of sociology of international terrorism, comments on the news of the last few hours to outline his overall picture. “It is a remote possibility that Hezbollah attacks Israel, there are no conditions under which Hezbollah can defeat Israel and I believe that these conditions will never materialize. Ethnic cleansing is underway in Gaza, as the articles in the Wall Street Journal and from the Washington Post, not from Hamas. The most credible American press said that Israel dropped 29,000 bombs, including many MK84 bombs. The goal is to force the Palestinians to leave Gaza and colonize the areas that will be rebuilt”, says the professor.

At this point, Sallusti intervenes: “If I were a professor, I would be offended if I did the same job as Orsini”, says the journalist, triggering a prolonged back and forth that Berlinguer struggles to keep at bay. “Sallusti, you’re a rude person and a bully. You’re rude, if you don’t apologize I won’t let you talk”, says Orsini, while the presenter tries to restore calm: “I decide who speaks, not you”, says Berlinguer . “If Sallusti doesn’t apologize, I’ll leave the show”, replies Orsini, before the providential arrival of the advertisement. When we return to the air, one guest has left, but it’s Sallusti.