Orsini: “Conditions for nuclear weapons after Ukraine terrorist attack”

“The attack on the bridge in Crimea is a favor to Putin”

“The situation is increasingly tragic compared to last week. The 3 conditions necessary for the launch of the nuclear weapon” by Russia in the war against Ukraine, “the necessary conditions, even if insufficient”, are set. These are the words of Professor Alessandro Orsini in Cartabiabca.

“The first basic condition is military, with the transfer of tactical nuclear warheads to the Ukrainian border and it seems that the move has been carried out. The second condition is legal: Putin must create a framework to justify the use of the nuclear weapon. “, says the professor of sociology of international terrorism. “The Russian doctrine provides that the weapon can be used to defend the national territory, with the farcical referendum Russia annexed 4 Ukrainian regions and created a regulatory framework to justify a nuclear offensive. The third condition is mass psychology. , Putin must create an emotional consensus around the use of the nuclear weapon, “he adds.

“The terrorist attack against Dugin’s daughter decided by Zelensky e the attack on the bridge in Crimea, also in this case has the characteristics of a terrorist attack, they did Putin a favor: more people are asking Putin to use the nuclear weapon. The West conducts a policy that exacerbates nationalistic sentiment among the Russians. Russia is fighting with both hands tied behind its back, against the 30 NATO countries and against Ukraine. In Italy we spread the narrative that Russia is a country of sleep dead and that the soldiers of Moscow cannot hold their own because we need to create consensus around NATO policies “, he continues.