Orsini, no to Geppi Cucciari: “But the day will come as a lion”

“I can’t go to Sheep Day, I hope to get an autograph from her”

Alessandro Orsini, reluctantly, says no to Un giorno da pecora and Geppi Cucciari. The professor of sociology of international terrorism, a regular guest on Bianca Berlinguer first and Cartabianca and then on It’s always Carta bianca, was unable to participate in the Radiouno program today and explained his decision with a post. “Today I received a great honor: the invitation to speak on Un giorno da pecora, the beautiful Radio 1 program hosted by Geppi Cucciari and Giorgio Lauro! You are wonderful, I am a great admirer of yours. Dear Geppi Cucciari, unfortunately I cannot participate, but I hope there will be another opportunity to meet in person at ‘un giorno da leone’. That day will also come for Radio Rai”, writes Orsini, who in the last few hours on social media has published a series of posts referring to his academic career “destroyed”.

“Better to roar than bleat in these dark times. I took the liberty of asking his collaborators for a photo of him with an autograph to send to my office at Luiss. I am a very backward southerner and I remained stuck in the days of photos with signatures: times ‘ maradonians'”, writes the professor today. A hug and thanks for everything you do to make our information better”, he concludes.