Orsini to Cartabianca: “Tank to Ukraine, Third World War closer”

“Italy is working in favor of the outbreak of the Third World War”

With the sending of tanks to Ukraine from the USA and Germany “we have taken a step forward towards the Third World War, all the states are preparing. It does not mean that it will break out, but the moves of the countries are the typical moves of those who think that world war may break out”. This is the scenario that Professor Alessandro Orsini outlines in Cartabianca. “Italy, and not only Italy, is making the same mistake it made in the Second World War: it is working in favor of the outbreak of the Third World War without being ready to face it”.

“Putin has just signed the decree that will bring Russian soldiers to 1.5 million units. If we add 6,000 nuclear warheads, they are enough to face the Third World War”, says the professor of sociology of international terrorism. “The agreement between Germany and the USA is complex. Germany wants to send a few Leopard 2 tanks but authorizes the sending of tanks owned by other countries to Kiev. Poland buys tanks from Germany and needs Berlin’s authorization to turn them to Ukraine. We have to reflect on the horror we are building: an Abrams can destroy a building from 4km away, Ukraine will be devastated while we would have time to mediate with Russia,” he says. “We are expecting a major Russian offensive in late spring and summer: instead of seeking mediation to curb the war, we are giving Ukraine very powerful means to wage war”.