Orsini to Cartabianca: “Ukraine is advancing? Putin will answer”

“If Russia conquers Odessa, in a month or 5 years, it is very bad for Italy”

“Everything I had foreseen is happening. It is an existential war for Russia. Russia is willing to put its existence on the line. Putin at this point must respond with a disproportionate use of violence, we all expect a slaughter”. Professor Alessandro Orsini thus expresses himself to Cartabianca on the developments of the war between Ukraine and Russia. “If a part of the population is over-exalted and Putin is forced to use a heavy hand, maybe in 2 or 5 years we will find ourselves facing a catastrophe. If the war goes on, I hope that Russia does not conquer Odessa: this would pose the Born in contact with the Russian army through Romania. If Russia conquers Odessa, in a month or 5 years, it is very bad for Italy. Our country is weak, it does not have the strength to face a long-term war with Russia “, he continues.

“I predicted that every defeat of Russia would result in an aggravation of the conflict. As Russia retreated, it devastated a number of civilian sites: the Ukrainians were left without energy and without water. I have always said that the Ukrainians will kill a lot of Russians. and we will have more and more war and more and more devastation. We should launch a strong peace initiative, I am very worried about my country. all Russian soldiers “, says the professor of sociology of international terrorism. “I never said that we must surrender to Putin, I never spoke of unconditional surrender: I spoke of a peace initiative”.

“Lavrov said he is open to dialogue,” he says, referring to the last words of the Russian foreign minister. “It is unrealistic for Russia to say ‘we joked’ in international politics. We need a peace initiative”.

“Ukrainian soldiers injured and hospitalized in Odessa say there is no possibility for Ukraine to recapture Kherson and Crimea. The second front is that of Donbass, where the last line of defense of the Ukrainian army is located. Up to a few days ago, Russia was absolutely preponderant. Ukraine has achieved extraordinary success on the Kharkiv front with some important distinctions. Biden is very cautious and worried, as are the Ukrainian generals. The fear is that the Ukrainian army may be possible fray, “he adds.