Oscar nomination 2023, Martone out of the short list of best foreign films

He did not make it Nostalgia by Mario Martone to enter the short list for the 2023 Oscars of the best 15 films produced outside the United States (and shot in a language that is not 50% English). A list from which the coveted final five of the nominations will then be chosen, to be announced on 24 January. The Academy Awards ceremony will then be on March 12. The Academy has been awarding the prize for Best International Film (it was then called Best Foreign Language Film) since 1957: European films have dominated by winning 53 times, against five wins for films from Asia, three each for Africa and South America and one each for Canada and Mexico.

Foreign films in the short list

Among the 92 countries that submitted nominations for the best foreign film entered the short list: Argentina, 1985 (Argentina), Corsages (Austria), Close (Belgium), Return to Seoul (Cambodia), Holy Spider (Denmark), Saint Omer (France), All Quiet on the Western Front (Germany), Last Film Show (India), The Quiet Girl (Ireland), Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths (Mexico), The Blue Caftan (Morocco), Joyland (Pakistan), EO (Poland), Decision to Leave (South Korea) e Cairo Conspiracy (Sweden).