Outdoor mask, Galli: “Sometimes essential, you need common sense”

“We must consider it as a helmet for motorcyclists, a protection tool”

“When you are at a distance of less than two meters, the mask is also useful outdoors. Even when we are outside, therefore, it is sometimes essential. It is necessary to act with common sense. This accessory is still essential. We must never forget it at home”. Massimo Galli, former head of the infectious disease department of the Sacco hospital in Milan, said this to Adnkronos Health, commenting on the mayors’ request to the Government to introduce the obligation to wear an outdoor mask from 6 December to 15 January to reduce the spread of pandemic virus.

Talking about an outdoor mask, in any case, “is also a symbolic indication to remember the need to maintain protective measures, especially if we want to continue to lead an almost normal life”, says Galli, underlining that “many elderly people they understand the importance of the mask, without ifs and buts. They use it in all situations where it is necessary. Personally I do not have an easy relationship with the mask, sometimes I have difficulty in breathing but, with all this, the I defend a sword. We must consider it as we are now used to seeing the helmet for people who ride a motorcycle: a protection tool that is worth using “.