Outlier Free Pro, the Creative headphones for playing sport to the fullest

Light, well made and comfortable for sports. These are Creative’s Outlier Free Pro headphones. It is not the classic wireless product but it is bone conduction headphones. In essence, the sound reaches the ear bones thanks to vibrations transmitted by sound waves to the cheekbones. A useful technology because it allows the ears to remain free. So when, for example, you run outdoors you are always aware of your surroundings.

Music also by the pool

Another feature that makes Creative headphones even more special is that they are waterproof. So they can be used in water for sports, but only in swimming pools up to a depth of one and a half meters and for a maximum of 40 minutes. The IPX8 rating does not include salt water immersion. The important thing is to remember to close the microphone hole with the plug provided.

Easy to use

They are ergonomic and therefore very comfortable when wearing. The Outlier Free Pro is made from a lightweight silicone and flexible titanium alloy. The sound is very accurate. Of course, you can’t have everything, so we don’t recommend them for professional music listening. The phone can be answered and we had no problems making calls.

Thanks to the integrated 8 GB MP3 player, you can listen to music without being connected to the various apps.

It is operated via the buttons in the headband and the battery life is around 10 hours.

The cost is almost 180

Pros and cons


  • Waterproof
  • Integrated mp3 player
  • Light


  • Ideal for sports but not for professional listening
  • The microphone cap sometimes comes off