Over 100 kg less at Vite al Limite, seeing Doug today will blow your mind: incredible

A Vite al Limite has lost more than 100 kg, but how is Doug and how is he today? Seeing it will leave you speechless: it is truly incredible.

It was one of the best transformations of Lives on the Limit, that carried out by Doug Armstrong. Remember when we told you about the most shocking ones? Well. That of the very young patient from Texas fits perfectly among these.

Look at how Doug has become today after Lives on the Limit. Credits: Discovery

Doug Armstrong chose to participate in Lives on the Limit due to his size. Attached to food since he was a child, the patient told the show’s cameras that he started eating a lot after his mother abandoned him. He was very small at the time and he felt the need to vent his anger in food. Over time, however, this bad habit made him obese. And, although he had found love and his life had settled down quite a lot, his health conditions continued to be not the best at all. And it is precisely for this reason, therefore, that he decided to ask someone expert for help. Needless to say, his journey was crazy: Doug managed to lose weight over 100 kg. How today?

How did Doug become today after Lives on the Limit? Resounding

As well as Holly, too Doug Armstrong it would appear to have continued to maintain a healthy diet afterwards Lives to the Limit. If during his journey in the Houston clinic, the young man from Texas managed to lose weight over 100 kg, it would seem that once the spotlights were turned off he lost many more. We don’t know how many for sure, mind you, but tracking him on Facebook we found a really shocking before and after.

He’s not very active on his Facebook channel, but those few photos we managed to unearth clearly let us know how much Doug continued to deliver on his promise to Dr. Nowzaradan before leaving the show forever. We imagine that the road is still uphill, but if these are the conditions we continue to expect great things from him. In the meantime, check out this shot from some time ago:

lives on the edge doug today
Credits: Facebook

Really sensational, don’t you think?