Over 100 kg less at Vite al Limite, then the tragedy: terrible news, what happened

Thanks to his path in the Vite al Limite clinic he managed to lose weight over 100, then the inexplicable tragedy: terrible news, what happened.

Who follows assiduously Lives to the Limit he knows very well that we can face both shocking transformations – and how many we have seen over the years – or stories that, unfortunately, have not had a happy ending. This one we are going to tell you, in fact, is part of the ones that have left everyone stunned because of their dramatic ending.

Lives to the Limit. Credits: Discovery

Becoming known by the public of Lives on the Limit during the sixth season of the program, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient was in desperate need of getting back in shape. Her weight reached exactly 287 kg and, as can be clearly understood, her health condition was by no means the best. What happened, however, in the clinic? In spite of what was believed, the woman has worked hard to respect the diet set by Dr. Nowzaradan and has lost more than 100 kg. Once she returned home, however, the situation dramatically worsened. A little over a year ago, Real Time’s beloved audience discovered her death. A tragedy which has left everyone stunned, therefore, and which still gives chills today.

He loses more than 100 kg at Vite al Limite, but then the unthinkable happens: the tragedy

Your weight loss journey a Lives to the Limit it had brought her not only an incredible transformation – thanks to Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet, in fact, the scale was over 100 kg less – but it had given her a truly impressive popularity. It is precisely for this reason that the news of her death literally shocked everyone. What happened, though? And above all, who are we talking about? The protagonist of our article today is her: Renee Biran.

The 53-year-old from Georgia made herself known to the Vite al Limite audience during her sixth season. With a weight of 287 kg, the Biran clearly made it clear how necessary it was to get back in shape not only for an aesthetic question, but also – and above all we would dare to say – of health. Her conditions, in fact, were very compromised and she felt the need to take back her life. Everything had gone well in the clinic, Renee in fact had lost over 100 kg and had reached her goal, but on May 4, 2021 she died. According to what is learned from her web, it would seem that after her Vite al Limite she was diagnosed with a disease and that it would have been the latter to cause her death.

tragedy lives to the limit
Renee Biran. Credits: Discovery

Bitter news, therefore, for the audience of Vite al Limite that in Renee he had found a champion of bodypositivity.