“Overwhelmed by an unusual destiny”, from Wertmuller’s film at the Quirino theatre

Giuseppe Zeno with Euridice Axen directed by the director Marcello Cotugno, in the roles that Lina Wertmuller entrusted to Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato

The scenes of the relationship first imposed, then thwarted, finally overturned, to finally return to the starting point, between the rich capitalist Milanese industrialist and the poor communist Sicilian sailor, traced by the director Lina Wertmuller in the famous film ‘Swept away by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of ​​August’now lives on stage again, until December 3rd Quirino theater in Romewith Giuseppe Zeno and Euridice Axen in the co-protagonist roles that were then entrusted to Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato.

From the seventies to today’s world, it seems that very little has changed in the essence of the story and the contrast, in the first act on board the ship and in the second on the desert island after the sinking of the dinghy, except for the fact that the sailor does not he is more Sicilian ‘doc’ but African, the son of a migrant who landed in Sicily; which allows him to speak with the same island accent that characterized the film, even if he declares that he “comes not from the extreme south of Europe but from the extreme north of Africa” ​​and therefore to be technically and geographically “a northerner” , even if on the scene he is repeatedly reminded that everyone is always someone else’s southern…

“The great success of the cinematographic original is due to the ability to describe social and political contrasts with stubborn irony, exposing an entire system of thought in which the public recognized itself – explains the director of the theatrical version, Marcello Cotugno – Thus, it is on the island, a place far from the civilized world and its cultural stereotypes and social barriers, where nature imposes its rules, that the two missing people unexpectedly find love for each other. The absence of laws, cultures, social classes, makes an otherwise impossible union possible”. A union that would seem to change the face of their destiny: ‘it would seem’, precisely…

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)