“Overwhelmed by hatred”: a real drama for the beloved face of Amici

Interviewed by the weekly Oggi, the former protagonist of Amici talked about the drama that hit him in conjunction with the success.

His path in the school of Friends he was one of the most compelling and appreciated and gave him the opportunity to make himself known by the public who have never stopped following him ever since. Released from the talent of Maria De Filippi, he has collected in a short time various satisfactions including the fifth place at the last edition of Sanremo Festival.

Former student Friends behind the scenes (Credits: Witty Tv)

Without forgetting the 21 platinum discs and the sold-out concerts: in short, absolutely unusual results when you haven’t turned twenty yet! To win so many fans, in addition to his artistic skills, was undoubtedly the dreamy but also determined personality of him. During your experience in the Canale 5 program you have been able to broadcast solid values ​​and principlescertainly not obvious for such a young boy.

Although he is living the dream of popularity, the singer has made no secret that very hard moments have also arrived with it. In fact, he had to deal with many haters who have targeted him. He talked about it in an interview granted to the weekly Today: “When you are exposed to the media, affection and positivity arrive, but also hatred. They attacked me fiercely and wished I would die. Without knowing me, without a reason “.

Amici, a former pupil, tells his drama: “The paranoia was back”

To speak of the less pleasant side of the coin when you have such a great success was Saint Johnsecond place in the 20th edition of Friends and today beloved singer. The Venetian artist, in the century Giovanni Pietro Damian, he told with an open heart the anxieties and fears experienced in these two years in which his life has completely changed thanks to the TV. A life that, she admits, she would never have imagined leading until 24 months ago: “I did not aspire to fame, only to a creative life that would allow me to express my identity”.

As we said, many goals were also accompanied by difficulties such as the offenses and threats of the so-called ‘keyboard lions’. Episodes that brought him back to the school days during which he suffered from the bullying of classmates and the treatment of some teachers.

“The anxieties and paranoia that the music made vanish had returned: the solution had become the problem. Then I decided to face suffering and ask for help ”. Hence, the decision of go to therapya path that has proved beneficial to find one’s own balance.

Friends drama
Friends unexpected revelation (Credits: Witty Tv)

Also in this case, Giulia Stabile’s boyfriend proved to be a very wise and mature boy, do you agree?