Ovs launches the first collection of organic cotton grown in Sicily

The men’s and women’s t-shirt capsule on sale on World Earth Day

An entirely Italian yarn for the first collection made with cotton harvested in Sicily. A production that represents a stage in the new sustainable made in Italy project desired by Ovs. Selected stores and the ovs.it website will host the Ovs cotton Italian collection on the occasion of World Earth Day, next 22 April. Choosing a more sustainable supply of raw materials is a goal that Ovs, the leading Italian company in women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, has been steadily pursuing for years and remains central also for 2023. Active support for cotton production organic, traced and cultivated in Sicily demonstrates the continuity of the commitment.

“For us, cotton is a strategic raw material – explains Stefano Beraldo, CEO of Ovs -. Since 2021, 100% of the supply comes from more sustainable sources and today Sicilian cotton allows us to start local productions that ensure the traceability of the entire supply. It is a significant step, even if today little more than a symbolic one, towards the goal of producing high quality raw materials in Italy. From a limited production in 2022, we will reach over 100 tons in 2023. We will also invest in research by co-financing a doctorate from the University of Catania in Agricultural, food and environmental science dedicated to Italian cotton”.

Cotton is the raw material of choice for Ovs, which uses it for over 70 percent of the production of garments. Since 2022, alongside international supplies, Ovs has chosen to invest in Italian cotton, in partnership with the Organic Cotton company of Sicily which has brought back to life a cultivation that had been forgotten for more than 40 years. The reality born on the outskirts of Palermo does not reach the production levels of when the cotton fields on the island occupied thousands of hectares, but it is much more than an experiment. In fact, the recovery of this crop contributes to the rebirth of the area, encourages textile manufacturing and is an opportunity for the local economy. The techniques used then protect the soil, reduce the use of water and respect biodiversity.

For Ovs, in the first year of this partnership, the project also represents a high-value technological challenge. The origin of the fiber is in fact guaranteed by the application on the raw cotton of a tracer developed by Haelixa, a Swiss company leader in solutions for the traceability of products. The tracer is harmless and invisible and makes the raw material traceable from the place of origin to the finished garment. However, Ovs’ commitment does not stop at the raw material, but is expressed in all phases of a supply chain without shortcuts: from cultivation to ginnatura (the separation of the fiber from the seeds) at zero km, up to manufacturing, in a path that brings with it positive social and environmental impacts.

The final product comes from the hands of Progetto Quid, an ethical fashion company in the Verona area that employs people with a vulnerable past on a path towards the discovery of their own creative talent. The collection, which offers a series of t-shirts in six colours, will be on sale in a selection of shops and on ovs.it from 22 April, World Earth Day.