Pa, Cgia: flop spending review, record spending in 2022

The total expenditure for the maintenance of the state structure has reached 115.2 billion euros

In 2022, the total expenditure for the maintenance of the state structure reached 115.2 billion euros, a threshold never touched before. A record amount, the latter, more than double the 51.5 billion that the PA spent last year on investments that are used to create or implement services (plants and machinery in education, health, transport, etc. ), construction and public utility works (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, road infrastructures) and to acquire intellectual property products (research and development, software, etc.). This is calculated by the Research Office of the Cgia of Mestre, underlining the impact of Covid in recent years. However, it should be emphasized that Covid and, recently, also expensive bills have taken care of pushing up maintenance costs, especially in recent years. With the advent of the pandemic, for example, between 2020 and 2021, health expenditure rose by 4 billion euros, while the other main outgoing items did not undergo significant changes.

“For years we have heard – underlines the CGIA – obsessive talk of spending review, or the containment of the expenditure necessary for the functioning of our Public Administration, however the results achieved have been disappointing. If intermediate consumption has been growing steadily since 1995, in the last 10 years they have risen by as much as 27 percent (in absolute value equal to +24.3 billion euro), while inflation, again in this same period, has risen “only” by 14 percent. , we are unable to fully spend the European cohesion funds or those provided for by the Pnrr, but to keep the public machine “in motion” we pay out more and more”.