Pa: Csel, 1 municipality out of 3 has not yet appointed Digital Transition Manager

One in 3 municipalities has not yet appointed an RTD (Responsible for the digital transition). An apical managerial figure who has, among the main functions, that of operationally guaranteeing the digital transformation of the Public Administration, coordinating it in the development of digital public services and in the adoption of transparent and open relationship models with citizens. This was highlighted in a dossier by the Center for Local Authority Studies (CSEL), created for Adnkronos, according to which this issue must be dealt with promptly.

“These are innovations that are so crucial due to the potential positive impact they could have on process times, simplification of relations between citizens and PA and system interoperability, that it is worrying to note that, at the date of the last survey (30 March 2022), there there were still 2,234 municipalities (about 1 out of 3) that have not yet named one “.

The Managers for the digital transition are 9,694 globally, with an increase of 1,795 units compared to last October 31st. Given that each Region and Metropolitan City has equipped itself with these figures in its workforce, the weak link in the chain of territorial entities is precisely the Municipalities and their Consortia and Associations, standing at 5,670 Rtd (+875 compared to October 2021).

A delay which, in addition to constituting a brake on the diffusion of new technological solutions in institutions, constitutes a violation of the provisions of Article 17 of the Digital Administration Code which obliges all administrations to identify an office for the transition to digital mode – whose manager is, in fact, the RTD – which is responsible for the activities and organizational processes connected to it and necessary for the realization of a digital administration and the provision of usable, useful and quality services.

With the circular no. 3 of 1 October 2018, the then Minister for Public Administration, Giulia Bongiorno, reminds Csel, had urged all public bodies to take immediate action to identify an RTD within them. “In reiterating, therefore, the urgency of the appointment – reads a passage in the document reported by Csel – we remind you that the RTD represents the point of contact with the Agency for Digital Italy and the presidency of the Council of Ministers for issues related to the digital transformation of public administrations, as well as for participation in consultations and censuses provided for in the three-year plan for public administration information technology “.

“An appeal that remained, almost 4 years later, still unheard in one municipality out of three and which risks slowing down the effectiveness of measures in which Europe and Italy are investing heavily”, concludes Csel.