Pa, Csel: “Digital Transition Managers 2 out of 10 municipalities have not yet appointed one”

To measure how much public administrations are actually focusing on digital, it is also useful to look at the number of Managers for the Transition to Digital (RTD). As of 30 September 2022, 9,971 had been nominated, compared to 7,899 in October 2021. This is revealed by the report prepared by Csel for Adnkronos in which it examines some useful indicators to measure the progress of some of the main digital services.

This professional figure is responsible for operationally guaranteeing the digital transformation of the Public Administration, coordinating it in the development of digital public services and in the adoption of transparent and open relationship models with citizens. In implementation of art. 17 of the Digital Administration Code, each PA had already had an office for the transition to digital mode for years – whose manager is the RTD – which is responsible for the activities and organizational processes connected to it and necessary for the realization of an administration digital and the provision of usable, useful and quality services. Although there has been important progress over the last year, the authorities that have accumulated the most important delays in this sense are the municipalities, still standing at 6,295 (79.6%). Two out of 10 municipalities (1,609) are therefore still in default and have not yet appointed this key figure. A year ago, the non-compliant entities were more than double: 3,109.