Pa, Csel: responsible for digital transition only for 60% Municipalities and their consortia

At 31 October 2021, the Managers for the digital transition totaled 7,899, with an increase of 556 units between August and October. If all ministries, regions and metropolitan cities have a manager for the digital transition, the same is not true for municipalities and their consortia and associations. In this case, only 4,795 subjects were nominated, corresponding to 60% of the total. This is what emerges from a dossier of the CSEL, Center for Local Entities Studies, prepared for Adnkronos.

One of the main functions of the person responsible for the digital transition is to operationally guarantee the digital transformation of the Public Administration, coordinating it in the development of digital public services and in the adoption of transparent and open relationship models with citizens.

Article 17 of the Digital Administration Code obliges all administrations to identify an office for the transition to digital mode – whose manager is the RTD – which is responsible for the activities and organizational processes connected to it and necessary for the realization of a digital administration and the provision of usable, useful and quality services. With the circular no. 3 of 1 October 2018, adopted by the Minister for Public Administration, all public bodies had been urged to take immediate action to identify, as a matter of urgency, a RTD within them.