Pa, Impatta launches the new figure of the Public innovation manager

The Network: “Responds to the new challenges of the NRP”. Undersecretary Amendola: “The proposal goes in the right direction. The government with Brunetta and Colao is transforming the machine”

Public innovation manager. It is the new professional figure that should aim to ‘change towards’ the Italian PA
outlined today by Impatta. But not only. The network of companies for the development of innovative projects with a positive economic, social and environmental impact during a brainstorming session today in Rome, at the Casa del Cinema, also launched the manifesto for public innovation management in Italy with the horizon of responding to the need to make the public administration more efficient by meeting the epochal challenge of the NRP. Impatta’s project managers Davide D’Arcangelo focused on the new figure of the public innovation manager as the driver of a renewed public administration., expert in innovation, industrial policies, corporate finance, European funds and Vice President of Impatta, and Pierluigi Sassi, innovation manager accredited to Mise, researcher accredited by the European Community and Italian president of the NGO Earth Day recognized by the General Secretariat of the United Nations. On stage with D’Arcangelo and Sassi there were, among others, the Undersecretary of State for European policies and affairs, Vincenzo Amendola, the president of Confindustria Digitale, Agostino Santoni, and the Councilor of the Campania Region for Research , innovation and startups, Valeria Fascione.

“The public innovation manager – explained D’Arcangelo – is not only an accelerator for the Public Administration but can open up to a new industrial chain, that of Gov-tech, creating tools that can simplify bureaucracy and convey a new culture in local authorities, new standards and technologies at the service of the public administration “. And, in this context, Councilor Fascione stressed that “the Campania Region is working hard on the issue of digital skills”
. “The public innovation manager represents an enabling figure, a real facilitator” noted Fascione. Campania, he assured, “has welcomed the strong demand for innovation bearing in mind that the PA has three levels of priority: new staff, basic digital skills, awareness of the role of managers. Today the Region is an entity that acts as an aggregator” .

“We need to continue to change the public administration in a profound way” also “structuring it differently” e “the proposal of an innovative managing goes in this direction” commented, in conversation with Adnkronos, the Undersecretary of State for European policies and affairs, Vincenzo Amendola, who spoke at the discussion promoted by Impatta. “The Government with the great work of the ministers Renato Brunetta and Vittorio Colao has given life – between simplification and hiring decrees – to a new profound change in the Public Administration that does not mean ‘digitizing the bureaucracy’ but transforming the machine at the service of citizens and businesses “noted Amendola.

For the president of Confindustria Digitale, Agostino Santoni, “simplicity, programmability, openness and security” are “the characteristics of winning companies that can also be exported to the Public Administration and are characteristics of the leadership of a public innovation manager”. “Never before has the dialogue between public and private had so fundamental importance” Santoni pointed out in conversation with Adnkrons at the end of the event. Santoni also remarked that “after years of lack of investment, our sector is finally called to transform the country and the public administration through innovation. Now there are the resources and a strong will of the Government to do so. “The president of Confindustria Digitale finally underlined that” our sector is strongly mobilized by ensuring skills, technologies and professionals to accelerate change in a digital, sustainable and inclusive way of society. and the Italian economy “.