Pa, Santoni (Confindustria Digitale): ‘fundamental public-private dialogue’

Never before has the dialogue between public and private sectors had so fundamental importance“. The president of Confindustria Digitale scanned it, Agostino Santoni, speaking with Adnkronos at the end of the brainstorming promoted this morning in Rome by Impatta during which the network launched the new professional figure of the Public innovation manager.

Santoni noted that “after years of lack of investment, our sector is finally called to transform the country and the public administration through innovation. Now there are the resources and a strong will of the Government to do so. “The president of Confindustria Digitale then stressed that” our sector is strongly mobilized by ensuring skills, technologies and professionals to accelerate change in a digital, sustainable and inclusive way of society. and the Italian economy “.

Simplicity, programmability, openness and safety: these are the characteristics of the winning companies that can also be exported to the Public Administration and they are characteristics of the leadership of a public innovation manager “Santoni observed.” Today we are in the age of the talent economy and the commitment is to create figures capable of meeting the challenges of the economic and technological growth we are experiencing ” .