PagoPa, reached 1 billion on the payments platform and 500 million messages with the Io app

An equivalent value of 200 billion euros

One billion transactions managed via the pagoPA payments platform from 2016 to today – for a value of 200 billion euros – and over 500 million messages sent by entities via IO, the public services app, since it was launched in April 2020: a double milestone for two of the main technological infrastructures managed by the PagoPA company, achieved thanks to the strategic and continuous collaboration of the entire public and private ecosystem which, with the guidance of the Department for Digital Transformation, is contributing significantly significant to the entire process of digitalisation of public services in Italy. Two results achieved within a few days of each other, demonstrating a growing interconnection between pagoPA and IO apps, designed to work best and in an interoperable manner with all the other enabling PA platforms.

“The data announced today have an important qualitative significance as they offer an objective indicator of the solidity of two of the strategic infrastructural assets for the modernization of the public sector, which will continue to be central in the Italian digital agenda also for future innovation projects. We are proud to support the Department for Digital Transformation and the Undersecretary for Technological Innovation Alessio Butti in this challenge and we are grateful to the thousands of central and local authorities who are engaged with us in the constantly evolving digital transition process. The common objective is to guarantee all citizens greater ease in exercising their rights and fulfilling their duties, in an inclusive and homogeneous manner throughout the territory” declared Alessandro Moricca, Sole Administrator of PagoPA.

From 2016 to today, pagoPA has managed a total of one billion transactions in favor of approximately 21,900 entities participating in the platform, which in 2023 alone recorded a total of 48 million unique users, of which 42.3 million physical users and 5, 7 million legal users. Looking specifically at the results achieved in the period 2020-2023, transactions carried out via pagoPA amount to over 900 million, with an average annual increase of 40%.

From the analysis of the main categories of creditor bodies, it also emerges that the payments made by citizens and businesses – with an average amount of €202 per transaction – were in favor of the Utility sector (32%), Central PAs (22%) , the ACI (19%), the Municipalities (12%) and the Education sectors 5% (School 3% and University 2%) and Healthcare 3%. In particular, in the same period we observe a significant acceleration in the use of the platform by local administrations which, also as a result of the PNRR projects in favor of digital transformation, have brought key services to pagoPA such as TARI, fines and school services; this translated into a growth in transactions in favor of Municipalities which went from 9.4 million in 2020 to 43.2 million in 2023 (average annual growth rate +46%). An increase also recorded in parallel by the Regions, which went from 5.4 million transactions in 2020 to approximately 8.1 million in 2023 (average annual growth +11%).

At the same time, an ever-increasing number of public service managers operating in sectors such as energy, water and telecommunications have chosen to expand the payment channels available to their users by joining pagoPA. To date, the platform has over 1,100 public service managers and transactions towards this segment have gone from 5.8 million in 2020 to 131 million in 2023 (average annual growth rate +118%). The significant increase in transactions in favor of the Health category should also be noted: from approximately 1.1 million transactions in 2020 to approximately 11.8 million in 2023 (average annual growth rate +79%); furthermore, there is a growth of +38% looking only at the current year compared to 2022, also due to the introduction of the possibility of paying health copays at the pharmacy starting from January 2023.

“The digitalisation of the payment system for the Public Administration was the first objective that led to the birth of our company and has always been an important lever for driving innovation in the entire cycle of provision and use of a public service, well beyond the payment itself. This achievement has a symbolic value for us, as it is indicative of the systemic impact of the platform and the common effort of all public entities, technological partners and payment service providers who accompany its evolution every day. The operating model underlying pagoPA is the one we also try to adopt for the other digital infrastructures available to bodies and institutions, of which the IO app is the synthesis, acting as a “hub” between PA, citizens and the market as enablers of new opportunities for people and for the country” commented Maurizio Fatarella, General Director of PagoPA.

Since its inception, IO, the public services app, has also taken on an increasingly central role in the digitalisation strategies of the PA with a constant increase in entities that have adopted it as a communication channel towards their citizens. This is demonstrated by the total of over 501 million messages sent via the app, from April 2020 to today, by more than 15,600 entities that have integrated over 272,000 services on IO. Looking at the contents conveyed by these messages, over 70% concern communications that pertain to important aspects of the relationship between administrations and citizens, such as the outcome of an administrative process, the announcement of a new service available or a promoted initiative from the institution, or a reminder for a deadline.

In general, payment messages have more than doubled from 2020 to today and, looking at 2023, a growing trend is confirmed in the use of IO by the PA both for sending generic messages (+35% vs. same period of 2022) and payment (+49%). A result due to the Institutions’ ever-increasing awareness of the benefits deriving from the synergistic use of IO and pagoPA apps to offer a better user experience to citizens and maximize the return on their investments in digital transformation. Compared to the entities that make greater use of IO, 75% of the total messages sent in the three-year period come from Central PAs, followed by the ACI (9%), the Municipalities (7%) and companies in the Utility sector (5% ); all categories for which there is a significant increase in the number of communications conveyed through the app in 2023 compared to the previous year, with Municipalities recording a +34% in the sending of payment messages.

This is in line with a progressive consolidation of the adoption of IO apps also by many local entities, which can benefit from the massive diffusion of IO apps among citizens, strongly driven in the first two years by national initiatives: with a total of over 36 million installations on smartphones and tablets, the app has a monthly average of over 4 million active users in 2023 alone.