Paid articles on Twitter without needing to subscribe to newspapers

CEO Musk Announces Debut of Micro Transactions Next Month in US: Is This the Beginning of a New Journalism?

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has come up with another one to change the way mass media are managed on his social network: starting next month in the USA, users will be able to read articles by purchasing them individually instead of having to subscribe to the various publications. When you open a link to an online newspaper on Twitter, a monthly or annual subscription is generally offered if that site is paid. Now, through Twitter, publishers will be able to decide how much and whether to charge for opening a single article. Musk explained that it will be a very simple “one click” process, which will allow you to read only what you are really interested in. The CEO describes it as an advantage for both publishers (who will get more revenue than selling subscriptions) and users (who won’t have to pay the full price of a subscription), although he did not reveal what percentage Twitter will deduct from payments made through its platform. The micro-transactions of the social network should debut next month, according to Musk’s intentions, and also be integrated for a whole other series of premium services offered by Twitter, which recently landed with the paid Blue version also in Europe.