Paid Facebook and Instagram in Italy: subscriptions without advertising arrive

Continue browsing Facebook and Instagram for free or do it without advertising interruptions and pay every month? In the last few hours, Italian users have also been seeing the screen appear inviting them to choose the paid version of the two social networks. “Do you want to subscribe or continue to use our products without additional costs with adverts?”. The message prepared by Mark Zuckerberg’s company explains that “laws are changing in your geographic area, so we have introduced a new choice regarding how we use your information for ads”. The new phase has therefore begun for Meta also for Italian users. As the company explained in the press release announcing the introduction of the new tariffs, the choice is dictated by the rules imposed by the GDPR, the European regulation on the processing of user data which in fact pushed the company to declare a “consent” for the collection of data for advertising purposes.

The choice

In a notice entitled ‘Choose how to continue using Facebook’, Meta warns those about to press the ‘Use at no additional cost’ button: “We have introduced a new choice regarding how we use your information for insertions. Before confirming your choice, find out more about what each option entails.” And invites you to open a link where you can see how our data will be used. Alternatively there is the ‘Subscribe’ button which allows you to “use your Facebook and Instagram accounts – we read again in the notice – without adverts starting from 12.99 euros per month (applicable taxes included)” and, in this case, “your information will not be used for ads”.