Pakistan, climate disaster: more than 1000 dead from floods

348 of the victims are children. A million homes and 3,500 km of roads destroyed, crops wiped out and the economy at risk

It rose to more than 1000 the number of dead (including 348 children) for terrible floods that hit the Pakistan since the beginning of the monsoon season, a natural disaster also stimulated by climate change and which risks having serious repercussions for the country’s already fragile economy. Providing the latest budget is the Pakistani National Disaster Management Authority which speaks of nearly one million homes partially or completely destroyed by calamity, with millions of people homeless. The country has had to face the severe impact of climate change in recent years: this year the province of southern Sindh was particularly affected, where 347 people were killed and another 1,009 injured. The budget also sees approx 3,500 km of roads, 149 bridges and 170 shops wiped out from sudden floods while over 700,000 head of cattle died.

According to Pakistan’s Meteorological Department, heavy rains are likely to continue across the country in the coming days. Road and rail traffic was severely interrupted due to heavy downpours that flooded several roads and railway tracks: the entire region of Balochistan is isolated from land traffic with the rest of the country, while air service has also been suspended in the capital. of Quetta province due to heavy rains. But what is also worrying is the budget for Pakistan’s fragile economy many crops wiped out.

Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman said her country is going through “a humanitarian disaster caused by the climate with unprecedented rains and floods. So far Pakistan has received an average of 166mm rain in August, a value which is of 241 percent above averagethe minister said, but with a level that in the southern areas of the country is from 784 percent higher“Almost 30 million people do not have shelter, and to support them, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif asked for a contribution from individuals and appealed to the international community. Yesterday, visiting an area of ​​Sindh affected by the flood, Shahbaz said that the government has allocated 38 billion Pakistani rupees (about 171.6 million dollars) for relief efforts