Pakistan, two transport accidents: over 50 dead

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Two accidents and over 50 dead in Pakistan this morning: a bus with 48 passengers on board crashed into a ravine in the southwestern province of Balochistan and a boat carrying a school group on Lake Tanda Dam, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, was wrecked.

The bus

The bus was traveling from Quetta city to Karachi when it ended up in a ravine in Lasbela district. At the moment, the authorities speak of 41 victims. As reported by Assistant Commissioner Lasbela Hamza Anjum, the coach crashed into a pillar of the bridge, subsequently falling into a ravine and catching fire. The driver was making a U-turn.

The boat

On the boat there were instead about thirty students on a school trip: for the moment there are ten dead, between the ages of 7 and 14. Nine are missing. Eleven people rescued, including six in critical condition. Such tragedies are common in Pakistan due to old boats often capsizing because they are overloaded. Also, many people in the country cannot swim. Especially women, who are discouraged from learning to swim due to conservative social traditions.