Pakistan, woman stoned by relatives for adultery

The husband with his brother-in-law and a third person are accused of murder

A Pakistani woman was stoned by relatives in Pakistan for one alleged extramarital affair. Local sources quoted by the Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’ reported that the woman died at the hands of her husband, brother-in-law and a third person, who stoned her and beat her with a blunt object in the Rajanpur district and subsequently fled.

They also highlighted that the woman was subjected two years ago to two tribal rites in which she had to walk on hot coals and remain for a while with her head immersed in water to prove her innocence regarding the charges brought against her for alleged infidelity.

The authorities have opened an investigation into the incident they charged the suspects with murder, while a senior local police official stressed that the security forces have launched an operation in the area to try to arrest these three people. Pakistan amended its penal code in 2005 to prevent perpetrators of ‘honor killings’ from escaping justice by granting pardons as relatives of the victim. However, it is up to each judge to decide whether to be convicted in the case of the others.