Palco Gaber, inauguration of the installations celebrating Mr. G.

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Twenty years after the death of one of our country’s most beloved, revolutionary, iconic and important artists, Foundation Gabriel has created a series of initiatives to celebrate Mr. G: the podcast “And to think there was the thought”the monographic journal “Giorgio Gaber talks about himself” And Stage Gabrielor two special totems installed in the foyer of the Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber to discover and explore the artist’s unique story.

Giorgio Gaber, a legacy of inestimable value

On Saturday 11 March Fondazione Gaber presented Palco Gaber, two special totems positioned in the foyer of the Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan to allow the public to relive and get to know Mr. G even better.

To make the symbolic cutting of the ribbon Enrico Bertolino, introduced by Dahlia Gaberscik: “This twentieth anniversary is a special moment. We asked a friend of Dad’s to make the symbolic cut of this ribbon”.

Henry Bertolino: “I am an admirer and admirer of Gaber. Today Giorgio Gaber would have been at ease in this climate because people liked him so much ”.

The event also celebrated the release of the podcast “And to think that there was thought”, edited by Lorenzo Luporiniauthor of reference for Gen-z and grandson of Giorgio Gaber, who said: “It was a splendid job, it was also nice because I got to know my grandfather even more who tells and comments on his work in first person”.

The first two episodes of the podcast, made up of a total of nineteen episodes, are already available on Intesa San Paolo On Air and on the main platforms.

Furthermore, the special monographic magazine “Giorgio Gaber tells himself” published by Sprea Editori with period content, interviews and photos should also be mentioned.