Palco Off, one man show by Viscardi in Catania

The great echo of the success of Palco Off’s . And now it will be the turn of Alberto Viscardi’s one man show, the comedy entitled Second Only to Elisabeth Taylor, on stage on Saturday 16 December at 9pm and Sunday 17 at 6pm at the Piccolo Teatro della Città di Catania. “On stage the events and misfortunes of a young man from a good family, exuberant and not always understood by his family. The story, colourful, funny, at times brilliantly neurotic, becomes an exhilarating interior analysis of the character. In his search for himself, our protagonist swings, spanning over time, the episodes and relationships that will allow him to find his identity. His place in the world. Always with composed elegance, covered in irony, Alberto Viscardi will now be a teenager, now a girl, now a boy, and again she will be his beloved and idolized mother, his grandmother, his aunts, Princess Sissi and Archduchess Sofia. Figures who will often come to his aid in the isolation of his room. Our hero is every woman who observes, but they are also his brothers… A very funny and at the same time intimate show about gender choices”, we read in a note.

The cycle of theatrical proposals of the Palco Off 2023-24 season will continue at Zò Centro Culture Contemporanee with “God does not speak Swedish” by and with Diego Frisina, (20 and 21 January 2024), “The Art of Resistance” by Claudio Zappalà with Chiara Buzzone, Federica D’Amore, Totò Galati, Roberta Giordano, (17 and 18 February), “Dante tra le Fiamme e le Stelle” by and with Matthias Martelli and Lucia Sacerdoni on the cello (9 and 10 March), “La Città senza nome” by and with Lucas Joaquin Da Tos Villalba and Matteo Campagnol (13 and 14 April) and to conclude at the Piccolo Teatro della Città, “Witnesses beyond the dark” VOICE TO HUMAN RIGHTS, edited by Francesca Vitale, taken from Speak truth to Power by Kerry Kennedy (18 and 19 May). Start of shows at 9pm Sunday at 6pm. After each show there will be a meeting with the authors.