Palermo, Alberghiero Elis welcomes 30 foreign minors

They are young people between 14 and 17 years old, who arrived in Italy without parents and reside in family homes or reception centres. The “Rehope – Build your future: personal and professional development for UASC” project at the Elis Hotel School in Palermo is aimed at them. The objective is to offer unaccompanied minors a place of welcome and inclusion, to encourage their social inclusion, and a professional training path that gives them the opportunity to support themselves independently. The project is coordinated and managed in Palermo by the EM Associazione Arces, a partner appointed by Elis for the implementation of the activities in Sicily. “We firmly believe – declares Alessandra Schifilliti, Project Manager in charge of the general coordination of the Palermo project – that sharing social projects like ReHope contributes to building bridges of understanding and solidarity. Contributing to giving these kids a future represents an act for us of social responsibility and a concrete commitment towards creating a more inclusive and welcoming future”.

The project includes individual development plans, with the support of young tutors who accompany the children throughout their training course. “Rehope” was designed to transmit skills in line with the demands of the job market and training experiences that strengthen self-esteem and promote personal growth. The project will allow the young people involved in the Sicilian capital to attend cooking workshops and subsequently enter the professional catering sector. ELIS is a non-profit organization involved in orientation, training and job placement activities. Since 1989 it has been operating in the sector of international cooperation as a Non-Governmental Organization recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS). The close collaboration with companies has given rise to the ELIS Consortium over the years, which today brings together over 120 companies, including large groups and SMEs. In 2022 ELIS held 460 courses for a total of over 11 thousand people trained. 22 thousand students benefited from orientation activities in collaboration with over 400 schools throughout the national territory. In Sicily, it is present through the Hotel School of Palermo, which offers professional education and training courses in the catering field and contributes to the success of students in a welcoming and stimulating environment aimed at entering the world of work for self-realization themselves.

ARCES is a non-profit organization established as a moral body (Presidential Decree no. 713 of 09.22.1976) which promotes training initiatives aimed at the growth of the person from the moral, cultural and professional point of view of young people and the participation of social strata increasingly broad from higher education to professional qualification. It also manages two university colleges of merit in Catania (Alcantara) and Palermo (RUME), distinguishing itself above all for their educational project which provides training sessions to integrate and support university studies.