Palermo, ‘Alive Oratory’ is born at Kalsa

“Oratorio viva” was born in the historic Palermo district of Kalsa, a listening center for young people in the footsteps of Saints Philip Neri and John Bosco. The inauguration will be Thursday 15 February. On this occasion, at 5.30 pm, Archbishop Corrado Lorefice will celebrate mass at the sanctuary of Santa Teresa alla Kalsa. At the end, at 7 pm, the photographic exhibition of the “Boys of Kalsa” will be inaugurated, with several photos that demonstrate how judge Giovanni Falcone, together with other young people involved in the educational and recreational path, attended the oratory in the 1950s of his neighborhood of origin. The “Living Oratory” will then be opened which will first and foremost be a listening center for the young people of Kalsa. The oratory will be animated by several young people actively involved in the neighborhood. Among those present were Maria Falcone, sister of the magistrate, Don Domenico Luvarà, director of the Salesians of Santa Chiara and Don Domenico Saraniti, director of the Don Bosco Ranchibile.

Don Giuseppe Di Giovanni, parish priest of Santa Maria della Pietà and rector of the sanctuary of Santa Teresa is the promoter of the oratory which was born under the inspiration of the historical experience of Saints Filippo Neri and Giovanni Bosco, who dedicated their lives to spiritual growth of young people: “It’s a dream that becomes reality”, says Don Giuseppe. “A new oratory is being created at Kalsa which will be a space for young people and I hope it will become a place of aggregation for the integral formation of the person. It will be a real cultural center for the human and spiritual growth of the new generations, with the pedagogy of grace of the holy educators Philip Neri and Giovanni Bosco. We want to propose this Oratorian pastoral model to today’s young people who are sometimes ‘used’ and ‘abused’ by the hedonistic mentality of the ephemeral and by a form of addiction to various drugs, which produce the culture of death. Our ‘living Oratory’ will have the mission of listening to and welcoming young people with the joy of the Gospel and helping them to get out of the tunnel of nihilism, existential boredom and restoring hope to their lives which are often weighed down and disturbed by traffickers of violence and from illegality. A lively, free and liberated oratory where everyone can find an open door. It is urgent to do something for the future of our city and young people are a great resource in which to invest time and talents”.