Palermo Bar Association: “The vaccinations in the Court are fine”

“The vaccinations at the Palace of Justice in Palermo are going very well. It is a wonderful thing. The initiative was proposed to us by the President of the Court of Appeal Matteo Frasca”. The lawyer Antonello Armetta, President of the Palermo Bar Association, told Adnkronos, commenting on the vaccine initiative in the Court. For five days, from yesterday until 7 December, the space dedicated to the memory of Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino and Francesca Morvillo, on the first floor of the courthouse of Palermo in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, hosts teams of doctors, nurses and staff administration of the local commissioner for the management of the Covid emergency, led by the ad acta commissioner Renato Costa. From 9 to 14, on each of the days indicated, the health personnel are available to all legal professionals: magistrates, lawyers, employees and their families, who will be able to book the vaccine from the online platform of the Mediterranean Fair. The initiative is part of the path already traced by the office of the Covid commissioner in Palermo to make the vaccination campaign ever more widespread, carrying it out inside but also outside the hub of the Mediterranean Fair.

“Last year we were attacked for being ‘crafty’ for vaccinations – says Armetta – and now vaccination ‘comes’ to court, because it is necessary to vaccinate people in proximity. And this is a possibility that comes. given to magistrates, lawyers and their families. Everything is going well, thanks to Renato Costa’s organization. resistance – said the president of the Court of Appeal of Palermo, Matteo Frasca – We share with the Covid commissioner of Palermo, Renato Costa, the mission of sharing as much as possible the culture of vaccination as an instrument of social solidarity and responsibility, to protect the right to health and also to protect the economy of an entire country “. It will be possible to carry out mainly third doses of the anti-Covid vaccine, but also first and second doses.