Palermo fires, anti-dioxin ordinance: “Meat and eggs prohibited”

The ordinance on some products from the area surrounding the Bellolampo landfill

Fires in Palermo, the Municipality issues an anti-dioxin ordinance. It is required to avoid taking food of animal origin – meat, dairy products and eggs, produced after July 24 – that come from the Bellolampo landfill area or within a radius of 4 kilometers from the area. Last Monday, in fact, due to the high and anomalous thermal peaks, they flared up in various areas of the municipal territory. Arpa Sicilia has started sampling the ambient air in places with potential fallout from combustion products, positioning special instruments to detect dioxins and furans, in the Inserra locality and precisely at the entrance to the residence in via Costantino 28. In the technical report , published today on the Arpa institutional website, states that “The results obtained reflect the formation of dioxins and furans and their presence in ambient air constitutes a datum to be kept under observation in terms of potential impact on other environmental compartments”. This is the premise of the municipal ordinance, signed by the Mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla, with which citizens are required to adopt precise precautionary measures to avoid consequences on public health after the pollution caused by the fires at the beginning of the week. “Based on the data collected and the sampling sites – we read – it is advisable to adopt, within a precautionary radius of 4 km from the Bellolampo site and pending the outcome of the further investigations underway by Arpa, adequate precautionary measures. In the first place the fruit and vegetables coming from the affected area must be carefully washed and the fruit taken without the peel;all road surfaces and confined open spaces (public and private) must be thoroughly washed; finally, avoid the use of feed and fodder from the affected area, if exposed to potential contamination”.